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Wine accessories

This is a general page about Wine Accessories.

We all know that wine can bring out the collector in us, and collecting is not just about having a cellar full of your most favourite wines. It's also about some of the bits and pieces associated with wine which we tend to collect. Wine Accessories to you and me.

Wine glasses are an obvious necessity but there are a great many which you would hesitate to share out at a party for instance. Especially if they are rare, expensive and you have collected them for years. They can be seen as accessories whilst the “bog standard” wine glass is used for entertaining your friends.

Corkscrews have always been collectable, and believe it or not, we know of a good many people who have several dozen, and even more. These are Wine Accessories as much as, say, wine coasters.

Cellars, wine coolers, a tantalus or two - which normally contain two or three wine decanters - and of course the decanters themselves - these are all wine accessories which we mention on other pages within the site and in our Blog and Warbles (Newsletter).

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